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Swim Run, Norway

The Breakdown

Mixed Team

First swim run experience

Previous swimmers but not runners

Swimrun through 20 islands in the Oslofjord, Norway’s most beautiful archipelago. The race starts at Ringhaugstranda and ends at the World’s End, the southernmost tip of the island of Tjoeme. Several of the islands are part of the national park Faerder Nasjonalpark. Every time you get to a new island, you run over it and swim to the next island. The longest swim stage is 1,100 m and the longest run stage is 8 km. In total you will cover over 53 km of running and 9,000m of swimming. Competing in teams of two persons, and the first team to reach World’s End wins.

Swimrun to the worlds end is one of the toughest one-day events in Norway. Endurance, swim and run skills and the ability to navigate on and between the islands are a must.

The race offers great nature experiences and a fierce battle against the elements. You can’t stop, you have to keep on fighting. There are three cut-off times and five aid stations with food and fluids.

  • Goal: complete in under cut off times
  • TBC