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Inspiring ordinary people to take on extraordinary challenges.

Who Is Jemma?

Jemma is an Iron Woman and competitive endurance athlete, who has competed in multi-disciplinary events across Europe, from the Devizes to Westminster 125 mile International Kayak Race to the XTerra Swim Run in Norway. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her adventure personal training; a highly sought-after skill set which is often hard to come by!

Jemma is an enthusiastic and passionate trainer and a hard working mother of two who is well aware of the difficulties our hectic lives can cause when trying to stick to an training plan. Her fully bespoke training model, ongoing support and coaching, continues to help her clients achieve extraordinary goals.


I first starting training with Jemma when she trained me for the London Marathon. I wanted to do some significant fund raising for a charity close to my heart, the MND association. I gained a place in the London marathon for 2016, but never in a million years thought I’d have the time or ability to complete it. Jemma inspired me greatly with both her experience, energy and incredible belief in me. Always positive and so motivational. I just wanted to improve week by week and loved my training! Setting me goals online and via weekly chats on the phone. I also struggled with an Achilles problem, and she tailored my training specifically to ensure I was strong and flexible enough to take the impact of marathon running. She’s such a wonderful person and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Today 3 years on, I’ve just completed a duathlon and again I’m very happy with all the advice and help Jemma gave me along the way.
Catherine Evans
I’ve been training with Jemma for 4 months now and have so much more energy than before. I find I get out of bed with more energy in the morning and am not yawning throughout the afternoons. That lethargic, sluggish feeling has gone and I now do so much more in my day.
Emma Janssen
Jemma has skilfully and sensitively taken me on a journey.  We literally started at zero but over months, with her very bespoke guidance, I learned to swim front crawl, run, cycle,  lost a stone and my bingo wings and found bloody mindedness and a sense of achievement. What’s more, I actually enjoyed it! Working with Jemma isn’t just about getting fit, supple, feeling energised, feeling alive- it’s more than that.  Jemma helped me to be the person I wanted to be…mentally and physically strong, excited, self-reliant, confident in my abilities, determined and adventurous.
Kay Cooper
Jemma's help taught me the importance of key core strength training and how to eat, sleep and breath training, building it into my daily routine. It was tremendously hard. However, knowing Jemma was always there giving me the confidence of her belief that the training could work and the encouragement to keep going made all the difference. It was very scary when at 14 miles my body had said it couldn't do anymore, knowing I was committed to raising a large amount of money and fulfilling a lifetime goal. I can't thank Jemma enough for getting me past that point and fulfilling a dream. My marathon day was amazing I was pain free, I ran the entire way and I beat my initial goal of completing it in under 5 hours, running it in 4 hours 40 minutes. Jemma made all the difference!
Alice Lamb
Having done a bike ride (70 miles) in South Africa for the last few years this year I was determined to beat my personal best. Jemma came on board about 4 months before and her calm, professional and detailed approach enabled me to beat my previous time by 28 minutes! Sometimes I did not agree with her logic, but I always did as I was told and the results bear witness. She is a superstar and I would never do another event without her mentoring me.
Mark Wiggin